DHS TSA/Robotics participates in several different programs, including TSA, VEX Robotics Competition, FIRST Robotics Competition, Electrathon and more. Going strong since 1981!

Technology Student Association

Georgia TSA Logo

The Technology Student Association (TSA) is a national organization dedicated to enriching science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) concepts for its members through annual conferences and competitions at the local, state and national levels

VEX Robotics Competition


VEX Robotics Competition is a year-long tournament-based robotics program wherein students must build, program, and drive their self-built medium-scale robots with a limited set of parts to play a new competition game each year

FIRST® Robotics Competition

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FIRST Robotics Competition is a tournament-based robotics program wherein students must build & program a competition-ready large-scale robot in only 6 weeks, with a strong emphasis on teamwork, problem-solving, and gracious professionalism


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Electrathon is a type of “electric marathon”, featuring self-built battery-powered vehicles that compete to travel the longest distance on limited battery power during 1 hour, with an emphasis on engineering, design, teamwork, and alternative energy